• What are the costs of doing plaster vs drywall? Do you have any preference between the two?

    Yes I do!!!
    After this job, drywall is a sore subject with me. Not only can it get dinged but the worst part is that you can see every seam where the pieces meet. These sheets are only 4 x 8 which means a lot of seams and a lot of uneven walls. Also, I would say a good 30% of the screws popped out soon after due to hammering and also the expansion and contraction of the studs they were attached too. Here we are two years later and screws are still popping out! Also, it was a nightmare to get these walls ready to paint. In my opinion, plaster may cost more up front but I believe the net cost is probably lower because it is done once and that's it! I believe drywall cost me at least twice as much when you figure the lost time and extra labor required to prep it afterwards.

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